Weekend reading: Tell us your FIRE-side stories

What caught my eye this week.

One of the most popular posts we’ve ever run on Monevator was my co-blogger The Accumulator’s origin story.

In it we learned how the high priest of passive investing pursued financial freedom to retire early from the daily slog of slaving for a big corporation, for a life of slogging away writing for Monevator and me instead.

(Don’t worry, it’s summer and he’ll be too busy chasing cows to read this.)

Plenty of you shared your own stories in the comments to that article. Which highlighted both the multitude of ways it’s possible to achieve FIRE1 and also the breadth of our community.

So I got to thinking perhaps it could be a regular feature?

This is your life

I’d like to try running a case study focused on a Monevator reader every month or two, revealing the secrets of your financial success.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to wax as lyrical as @TA to be featured.

Rather we’ll follow an interview format. I’ll email you a set of questions, you’ll reply in as much depth as you can, and then I’ll run the edited copy past you before publication.

I imagine all the case studies will be anonymous – except for the Internet handles you use in our comments, of course – and I’m hoping people will feel comfortable sharing quite a bit of detail.

I know we’re (mostly) British and that talking about money still isn’t really the done thing.

But by opening up about the ways and challenges of getting wealthy, we can inspire others to do the same.

Also, it doesn’t matter how you did it.

Index funds, active trading, hardcore frugalism, crypto, fat company pensions, a win on the lottery or an inheritance from a long-lost uncle – all routes are relevant and will add to our archives.

How to get involved

I’m really hoping some of the Monevator regulars will step forward to get the series rolling, but consider this call for entrants open to all.

So if you’d like to get involved, either leave a comment below (with a valid address in the email field so I can contact you) or else let me know via the Contact form (top-right).

Or if you’re reading this after subscribing to get Monevator as an email, you can just hit Reply.

I can’t wait to hear how many of you made it – and your tips for others who’d like to do the same.

Have a great weekend!

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And finally…

“All new markets are inefficient at first.”
– Sebastian Mallaby, More Money Than God

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